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There is an extra bedroom in my home that I have furnished as a guest room for overnight guests. The furniture is dark wood and traditional in style, and the fabrics are small floral prints of blues and yellows, crisp white, and a faint touch of pink. This inviting room has a daybed under a window, a small fireplace, and an oval hand-painted occasional table I've placed in front of the daybed. There is a writing desk, as well as an old toy chest, and collections of plates as well as a few mirrors are hung on the cream colored walls. When my older son saw this room taking shape, he commented that it looks like a tea room. It was a few days later when I decided I would not refer to it as a guest room, I would call it The Tea Room.

I am the proud mother of two twenty-something sons and have two adorable grandchildren. My grandson was born in December 2000 and my granddaughter was born in March 2005. I'm lucky to have my sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren living within a mile of my home.

I have two younger sisters and a teenage niece. One of my sisters has been living with breast cancer since February 2007. I am very close to her and maintain a blog called "RaRa's MySpace" so all our family and friends can stay current on her health. That blog is accessible by way of a link on this site.

I have a thriving career in healthcare administration; my office is located three counties away from my house. Since I have a long commute, I especially appreciate my time at home. Creating a home that celebrates each season has been a family tradition since I was a child. Keeping that tradition alive is one of my passions.


friends, the arts, family, nature, career, and creating beauty inside my home.